Tuesday, January 01, 2013

"Life of Pi"

My family and I saw yet another movie yesterday, “Life of Pi.”  We saw it in 3D (unusual for us), and we think it’s well worth the extra cost and head gear in order to see the stunning cinematography and many dramatic scenes.  It’s truly amazing! 

The first third of the film concerns the main characters’ curiosity about God, and while the subject continues to the remainder of the movie, it becomes much more generic—God exists—than in the beginning.  Pi “cherry picked” presumed benefits of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, without distinguishing serious differences.  This always means that the “cherry picker” is then cheated out of actually receiving and knowing Jesus, the greatest gift of all. 

In sum, I liked much of the story and especially the visual aspects of “Life of Pi,” but was let down by an ending that suggested that God is what you make of Him. Really? Not even close. He is far better than that.

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