Friday, January 04, 2013

The Immanuel Agenda

Unless I see myself as truly united with God—He is in me and I am in Him—then whenever inexplicably difficult and odd things happen I will wonder what's gone wrong and what I have to do to make things right. That means a lot of pressure on me.  I'll see myself as separate from God, perhaps needing my inner battery charged up and my brain re-stocked so I can then run off on my own to make things work right.  I might cross my fingers and pray a prayer I don’t really expect to be answered because I’m busy making something else happen.

But I'm His vessel, and whatever happens around me is for the two of us—how can it be otherwise?  We are united, and His life and ability is at the ready in me.  Believing that He and I are united, that He is actually in me, is how Christ is formed in me—the miracle!  This is The Immanuel Agenda.  And I pray, “Thank you, Jesus, that we’re together and I will never lack anything.”

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