Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ain't Happenin' For Easter

(Having been a pastor for many years, I know about the pressure to come up with something special for Easter Sunday—it's pretty big. I actually think these ideas have some merit…but what do I know? The last one is my favorite--a sure-fire hit.)


10. Gigantic, super-loud fireworks explosions signal resurrection of Prince of Peace

9. The guy who lost his ear to Peter sells it on eBay

8. Angels swing from piano wire and, for the most part, make it down to the Tomb

7. Guys in metal skirts hurt, too: The Roman's Story

6. Our elderly and near-sighted ushers will wash your feet throughout the first act

5. It's the Jets (disciples) vs. the Sharks (Pharisees) in "West Bank Story"!!

4. Last Supper Dinner Theater

3. Stone rolled away and down the aisle

2. Orange construction barrels impede triumphant entry into Jerusalem

1. Aslan the Lion eats evil temple merchants

(Copyright 2005 Dave Tippett--used by permission)

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