Tuesday, April 03, 2012

God Being God

It's easy to become worn out and maybe a little disillusioned. I know. But He will rescue and comfort you, and, God being God, you'll likely feel better than had you not grown weary in the first place.


  1. Cheryl Schlicht12:03 PM

    Amen Ralph --- I have experienced this so many times and give Him all the praise and Glory for exchanging His strength for mine! ♥

  2. Jeffery Marshall12:03 PM

    My experience today, and I can testify that this is true !

  3. BenandJenny Thompson12:04 PM

    Hey Ralph - it took me years to finally see that religiosity is a stubborn fleshly trait..I KNEW that the desires of the flesh wouldn't go away - desires I thought were only limited to "the filthy five and the dirty dozen" - but am just learning that the old legalistic/religious desires to want to "do" are still fighting against the desires of the Spirit to rest in His sufficiency. It is freeing to know that in spite of all this, He continues to finish the work that He alone began in me. All these years of thinking I wasn't humble enough - listening to the erroneous thinking of that I was still somehow blind to my own sinfulness and needed to make myself more humble or aware of my own sin nature so that I would "truly" repent of my perceived unbelief in Christ turned out in fact to be a work of the flesh. Just because I can't remember all the awful thoughts, attitudes and actions I have done in the past and choose not to remember or bring them up doesn't equal an unbelieving, unrepentant heart. It's Jesus encouraging me to take a step of faith forward into the present freedom by leaving the past behind. After all, He chooses not to bring up my past or hold me hostage to what and who He forgave of us thousands of years before we were born. -Ben

  4. What a good read that is, Ben! Thank you for sharing your experience and relief in finding the Truth.