Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forever New

It's a terrible plague that, after having received a new self from God, we still fall into denigrating ourselves as though that's humility. It is more humble—and accurate—to acknowledge what God has made of us all by Himself.

In making us His very own creations (2 Cor 5:17), we have or are an outstanding self, one that is compatible and in union with God (Phil 2:1). Could something in union with Him be less than perfect? I’m thinkin’ not. (See Hebrews 10:10,14.)

Our new self is what’s renewed through knowing and communing with God (Col 3:9,10). When you’re thinking or wondering about God, reading about Him or singing or talking with Him, you’ll also know yourself. He brings the real you out, and reveals you to you. You're going to like that.

The old self is gone! (Rom 6:6) God took care of that old thing by crucifying it with Christ. He did it! On purpose! And He was successful. Oh, I know that the flesh would masquerade as you, but it isn’t. The new has come. That’s worth looking at and celebrating now and then, don’t you think? Perhaps just an occasional, “Way to go, God!”

You're not old. You're forever new.


  1. Karen Butler10:41 AM

    Uncover - Discover ...Who YOU ALREADY ARE !!!! I LOV this Ralph !!

  2. Sybrand Smit10:45 AM

    How can we but not celebrate the victory of the Cross? He as our life :) Amen Ralph

  3. Danny Randall11:50 AM

    I just had a monarch butterfly land on me the other day! BEAUTIFUL! So much insight into life and God's heart just by observing nature!

  4. Dale Knight11:56 AM

    It is wonderful to envision a future when everything will be made new, but I sure don't feel new when I can hardly get out bed because of pain and exhaustion. Christ plainly says there will be suffering in this physical life, but not in the life to come. Let's be real-all things are not presently new.

  5. My note points out that you're new; the real, spirit-born you is new. Our flesh and body are not new. We're still waiting for that. But, while that which is not yet new surely gums-up the works now and then (I know how that is!), you're actually new.

  6. Dean Delker12:22 PM

    What music to my new ears. And one reason we can be in union with him is that's how humankind was created in the beginning, compatible with God, ones in whom He would be intrigued & forever interested. One's He would want to romance, love & hang out with through the ages.

    And if you say, "No. Adam maybe, but not I. I was born in sin. Original sin they call it." But God knew you before He made you in your mother's womb, and you were in the logos pattern of His only begotten Son. Original Innocence He calls it. And that's what we've been restored to now in Christ.

  7. Murray Scott9:14 AM

    Here's the thought I have about this: Paul would have liked what you just said very much. He would say, "That guy gets it."

  8. Pam Burrell Kilpatrick9:29 AM

    Either you are completely new, or you are dragging that dead smelly thing (old Man) around acting like he/you are living. How can you combine some form of dead and alive into one being? You can't!

  9. Jacqueline Williams3:14 PM

    When someone says "I just need to fix me"; its sad, because they are because of the cross. (Now, if only I could stop choosing to dress like that old person)