Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Weaning Us Off

We are, all of us, wired to need and to know Jesus. Our days are set up for it. And in that perfect need-to-know basis, He will give us His view and His feelings and His confidence and His love of people and understanding of events. Fascinated with Him, He will wean us off a worldly view that obscures reality.


  1. Danny Randall11:55 AM

    So nice to realize you were made to enjoy Him and to be enjoyed by Him! He is our life!

  2. Murray Scott11:56 AM

    What's interesting is that a very prominent denomination has the children reciting from a very young age that they were created to know God and enjoy Him forever and yet I know many people in that church and do not hear many testimonies from them to that effect.

    So, it's possible to make a religious slogan out of a truth without enjoying the benefits of it.

    Lord, may my life always be about you and may I also turn others towards you also!

  3. Charles Spoelstra12:00 PM

    It is delightful to experience Him doing this as I learn to listen, but it has not always been this way for me. In my experience, perceptions can be darkened for a very long time before I awaken to His way of seeing things. As I awaken though, i also have the sense that I have always known the things He is teaching me, though I was in denial about what I knew. These things were in me because He has been in me all along.

  4. Great comments, everyone. I really enjoy reading about what God is doing for you. Thanks for telling me.