Monday, April 16, 2012

How Many Times?

Pop Quiz: How many times was blood shed for my sins? How many times did Jesus die for my sins? How many times was I forgiven for my sins? How many times were my sins removed? How many times was I made righteous? How many times was I made forever new? How many times was I made a son of God? ONCE!

Did it work or not?


  1. Monica Smith1:26 PM

    It worked:)

  2. Carolyn Walker Jones1:26 PM

    Once for all forever. Don't be like Moses and keep striking the Rock. Speak to the Rock now and thank Him for what He has done. IT IS FINISHED! I receive it and gladly live by His Grace. Grace is poured out to me as I behold the beauty of the One who is FULL of GRACE and TRUTH: Jesus1 Church, lift Jesus up! Preach Jesus! He is the WAY!

  3. David Holcomb1:36 PM

    Plain simple TRUTH---let your yes be yes!

  4. Zach Dixon1:36 PM

    LAZER BEAM!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eric Platt3:28 PM

    Once and for all. Never needing it repeated again in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ben Thompson9:35 PM

    Worked like a charm! -Ben

  7. Joyce Smith7:52 AM

    By faith, I accept God's Word that it did :)) Once was enough!

  8. John Kenneth Stroud7:52 AM

    Once! It's a done deal! :)

  9. Julie Belshe8:05 AM

    Yes it worked. Signed, sealed and done and finished. Just like a being married, you stand at the alter with your love, then life happens. Our ups and downs make us think that things have changed in our married life. Some seperate, some divorce, and some reboot it taking a good look at what went wrong. He did not mess it all up, we did taking our eyes off Him and the amazing blessing given to us. It is no fault of His but ours. I am so well aware of this now, so if I ever start to feel distant from Jesus, I just need a good rebooting, getting my eyes fixed back on Him my Love who never left or forsake me. He is always the same perfect One who made me His own, also perfect and complete in His eyes forever I am. Never a Love so perfectly perfect as He Is and Always will Be. Still in awe of Him with all He has done, is doing, and continues to do. The best marriage ever is with Jesus, then, now and forever. It is a done deal, YEA!!!

  10. Robert Longest8:07 AM

    Once? Are you sure? I thought we had to get forgiven over and over and over and over ect...I thought our confession of our sin was essential for us to receive forgiveness...These are the comments I used to have for posts like this.... But thank God I have been made FREE by the truth the real gospel! :))

  11. Victor Tembo8:10 AM

    That's pure Good News!

  12. Sharon Bickerton Lotter8:17 AM

    Preach it!!! Some are still fasting and still repenting and still trying to obey their way into it!!