Monday, April 16, 2012

My Friend, Steve McVey

In case you did not yet know, author, speaker and my friend, Steve McVey has suffered a heart attack. It is said that he is in the hospital in stable condition. Would you pray for him, his wife, Melanie, and his family?

Update: Directly from Steve McVey himself:

Thank you, my friends, for your prayers, calls and thoughts. I have moved from ICU to a normal room. They diagnosed me last night as having a heart attack in progress but today said that wasn't it. Still don't know the cause for my collapse and critical episode but they're running tests. I am overwhelmed by the love from you all Thanks for understanding why Melanie and I can't respond to each of you personally right now. Pray with us that they will find the cause for this and that I will get well.

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