Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Costly False Treasure

Sometimes "leaders" have worked very hard and invested themselves deeply into templates for what they must do and teach. "This is what I will do because this is what works," they might say. It mostly becomes a false treasure. When people ask questions or cast doubt on something within that template, the leader feels as though his life is threatened—and, sadly, acts accordingly. It’s a tragedy born by false treasure.

To the extent that we believe we have a kingdom to build and a treasure to defend is the degree to which we will fight with people—even our own—no matter how ugly and costly. If we believe the kingdom is His and the treasure secure, we will know rest and confidence in Him. Whichever way we see it, people will know soon enough.

And, I say, run from the former and enjoy the latter.


  1. Carolyn Kistner2:24 PM

    This has been my experience w/those who want to build their own following instead of following Jesus! Narcissism abounds ... if being my friend doesn't help them reach their goal, friendship w/me becomes unnecessary.

  2. Seems like you've been where I've been, Carolyn. About the only good that comes from experiencing this is that Jesus becomes all the more attractive.

  3. Jeffery Marshall2:55 PM

    I like that... lofty thoughts, and very timely. Thanks !

  4. Jeffery Marshall2:56 PM

    Ralph, any comment on your picture... a little clarification please. : )

  5. I can't think of more divergent "leadership styles" than Jesus' and that of a Nazi. Further, Jesus is doing what He does, carrying the officer's load while telling Him the truth. What a picture of Christian leadership--Christ in us and toward people. When we don't see this in Christian "leaders" today, well, something's wrong.

  6. Jeffery Marshall10:51 PM

    Just like He did for us when we were notorious sinners... thanks Ralph.

  7. Paul Blisstender Thompson10:51 PM

    Enjoying our reset - rest. :-)

  8. Kevin Burkhardsmeier10:52 PM

    Wow Ralph, so aprapo. Today we see many leaders defending their territory and kingdoms often not investing in THE Kingdom. The insecurity is overwhelming and the flock then becomes the recipient of heavy handed bullying by those leaders to attempt maintain control over any question in their leadership. Some of the sheep are more discerning than the shepherds. Thanks.

  9. John P. Cwynar10:54 PM

    Amen Ralph... whenever we develop demplates... we get ourselves into trouble. Better to just hold out our empty plates and have Him fill demplates up with Grace.