Monday, June 18, 2012


The Holy Spirit doesn't need any help from you trying to figure out the flesh.  The struggle you feel within is His fight with the flesh, not yours.  All the Spirit wants is your attention on Him—that’s it.  He’ll take care of the rest.

Should He want to convey something to you about it, you know it will be comforting and wonderful because He knows you really well and is very good at reviving the real you, even after a fleshly moment covered you over or beat you up.  And I think there’s something in the Bible about the Spirit being rather good at counseling and comforting.  Right?


  1. Jerry Leming9:32 PM

    Yes...just like i read the chapter about the demolition derby thats going on inside me...very good brother...

  2. Marie Louise Cassidy9:32 PM

    Amen! I love your post Ralph!

  3. Jon Spears9:33 PM

    Really appreciate this Ralph. I wish you were my neighbor.

  4. BenandJenny Thompson9:33 PM

    Thanks for reminding us all that WE are NOT in control of ANYTHING. We can live in complete freedom knowing that our best interest is being taken care of by the best "Daddy" anyone could hope to have! I am thankful for that freedom every day. (Jenny)

  5. Sue Humphreys Thompson9:34 PM

    I've been beating up on myself rather much lately, so this was a sweet word.

  6. Jon Hiles9:34 PM

    Thanks, Ralph. I always enjoy reading your words. They're a great reminder and needed refreshment when I lose sight of the important things.