Monday, June 04, 2012


What people want is Jesus. What people will accept is far less.

Fortunately, it’s His pleasure to work so they have what they want—it’s His favorite thing. No matter what, that’s His work with you today.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for more of the same.


  1. Marie Louise Cassidy6:44 PM

    Amen, so encouraging Ralph! Thanks!

  2. I often need Him to clear away the flotsam and jetsam (crap) from my mind, which regularly interprets stuff as hopeless or pointless. But then there He is--my Great Trashman.

  3. Jeffery Marshall6:45 PM

    What could be more fulfilling, than knowing, and having more of Jesus... I know of nothing more gratifying. That I may know Him, what a priceless privilege....

  4. It's really surprising how getting a taste of living water makes everything else comparative sewer water. No matter how many times my flesh has insisted otherwise, real satisfaction is with Him.

  5. BenandJenny Thompson6:46 PM

    I believe that's the only forecast we can count on, right? :c) -Ben

  6. Marie Louise Cassidy6:48 PM

    Ha ha! My Peruvian self was gonna ask what's that flotsam and jetsam till I saw the parenthesis (crap) lol! Amen you have a way to transfer those yucks I feel in words. The Trashman lol! Amen Amen, He puts them in His hat and puff! They're gone :)