Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Crazy Grace

Grace is irrational to the thinker.  It is unfair to the judge.  Grace is foolishness to the achiever.  It is a waste to the selfish.  Grace is a mistake to the disciplinarian.  It is a shame to the religionist.

But it is a stream of water to the thirsty.  It's freedom to the imprisoned.  It is life to the dead.  Grace is rest to the tired.  It is another chance to the failed.  It is hope to the despondent.  It is a way out for the lost and a way in for those who can see the Door.

- Steve McVey


  1. Gloria Torres4:08 PM

    ‎"The law offends us because it tells us what to do-and we hate anyone telling us what to do, most of the time. But, ironically, grace offends us even more because it tells us that there's nothing we can do, that everything has already been done. And if there's something we hate more than being told what to do, it's being told that we can't do anything, that we can't earn anything-that we're helpless, weak, and needy." Pastor Tullian Tchividjian

  2. Gloria, that's excellent. Thanks for posting it here. You've helped me. And thanks for all your comments, everyone. It's great to see the Truth at work in His people. I love that.

  3. Pabalelo Olebile Gaone Maseng4:10 PM

    Powerful and so true Ralph...

  4. Patricia A. Jacobson4:10 PM

    How cool is that, Ralph! Crazy Love! thanks for sharing Steve's gift of revelation-beautiful beyond description