Friday, May 13, 2011

A Favor?

Would you consider a favor for me? I spoke with the VP of sales at Harvest House this morning about my book, and he is “really pleased with how it’s going” since its release on March 1. Hooray! Something that would strengthen its position and visibility would be more recommendations on

If you’ve read “God’s Astounding Opinion of You,” would you take a few minutes to post a brief recommendation? Click and scroll down to “Create your own review.”

And thanks for your help.


  1. Matt Gill7:09 PM

    ok Ralphie boy!! All done!!

  2. MaryKay Bjorgan Riley7:09 PM

    I'm still reading it and loving it. Will be sure to post when I finish. I may have to ask for the sight again in a couple of weeks...

  3. Kelli Young7:10 PM

    I am rereading it for th second time and this time studying it through!!

  4. Rich Buonocore8:03 PM

    My thoughts are on Amazon Ralph... thanks again for listening to the Holy Spirit.