Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I've been traveling and speaking for more than a week now, and I'll be heading for home tomorrow after speaking at Grace Life Church, in Woodstock, GA.

This picture captures my mother as I best remember her--radiant and ready to cheer you on. She was brilliant! If you'd like to see a video presentation of her incredible life (she passed on nearly three years ago), go to

She's even more radiant and cheerful now.


  1. Rich Buonocore9:28 AM

    I recall your mom as a very nice and soft spoken woman... it's good to know that your parents are both in heaven!! PTL!!

  2. Angie Smith9:29 AM

    That was very sweet. She was a beautiful mother. : )

  3. Peggy Smith Shealy9:29 AM

    A most loving and beautiful tribute! Thank you for sharing! How wonderful for a son to express such love for his mother.

  4. Luis Leiva9:29 AM

    I love this Ralph! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Barbara Moore Moser9:30 AM

    Wow....I have that whole Mercy Me album on my iPod. What an incredible tribute to an incredible lady. Maryjane and John Harris had a million friends because they were so special. Don't know many couples like them to be honest with you. I will always remember them fondly. ♥
    And loved seeing the picture of your mom, Ada Watson, Marie Sanders, Mrs. Hoover, Jackie Flynn, etc.

  6. Thanks, everyone. And particularly to you, Barbara.

  7. Barbara Moore Moser9:31 AM

    Just speaking the truth. Of all the parents in San Marino, your parents were the most real.....the most loving.....and your dad had the most incredible hug. Just sayin' . Love you my friend.

  8. Monica Smith Witt9:32 AM

    Wow...we Smiths missed so many of these wonderful SM family memories because we moved in relatively late. Your mom and dad sound like a pair I would have liked, for sure!

  9. I'm sure you would have, Monica. And thank you.

  10. Mari Norton Jackson9:32 AM

    Wonderful tribute Ralph. I never did meet your folks. I believe I truly missed out.....