Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Knew?

Wow! I've got cell phone service in heaven! AT&T really does have the largest network after all!


  1. Diane Doty6:07 PM

    Yeah for you!!!! :-D

  2. Rudy A. Zacharias6:20 PM

    Ralph, we're in the same time zone - I didn't see you in the air, but heaven is a big place; I'm sure you're just in different area of Paradise than where I am.

  3. Yeah for me, indeed! Rudy, how 'bout we rendezvous to the left of the throne? And since there's no time up here, I'll see you in a. . .Oh. There you are. You're looking good, saint Rudy!

  4. CJ Johnson6:21 PM

    hey lets have coffee here, meet me at Mike the Arch Angels place

  5. Great idea! Some have told me that St. Peter's Holy Ground Cafe makes the best espresso, but let's hit Mike's first. And let's splurge! How 'bout we grab one of those cinnabons? I hear they're heavenly up here. . .Hmm. My humor doesn't seem to be improved. . .Oh, well.

  6. Cliff Gableman6:31 PM

    I missed it I guess

  7. Jeff Budkoski6:31 PM

    Can you hear me now?

  8. Cliff, if I had to pick someone to hang back for awhile, it would be you. Keep lookin' up, bro!

    And Jeff, I've seen a bunch of people kinda bangin' their cell phones, trying to make them work. "Well, so much for Big Red!" they say.

    Hmm. . .