Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now THAT'S The National Anthem!

You're going to love this.


  1. Donna-Marie Rothnie6:20 PM

    That's awesome. I love how everyone starts singing with him. A bit ironic, since no one sings along with the national anthem anymore.

  2. Michael Wibe6:20 PM

    Shows that there is still patriotism, and it really is only the loud 2% that say there isn't.

  3. Trevor Everett6:21 PM

    That is so cool!

  4. Julie Belshe6:21 PM

    Love this Ralph, I must share because of the turmoil my cousin Brian who is autistic is going through right now. He has an amazing sprit, so loving and sweet, smart ect.. He got mad in the home he was placed in and threw a plastic cup and broke it, they called the police. He resisted arrest and kicked the cop because he was scared, he was charged with a felony, battery, and resisting arrest. He spent 2 weeks in jail. No body was notified he was there for 2 weeks. Now on probation for 3 years. How scared he must have been, being all alone there. They tell him if he gets mad again he will spend the rest of his life in jail. I love him with all my heart, and my heart breaks for him, how awful to spend your life in constant fear. He has to spend his whole life in his room watching TV and DVD's. I pray he gets a new home where his get more activity, love and care with and proper medical attention with all his medications; or even off all medications if need be. He needs our prayers!
    Thanks Ralph, love this post.

  5. Jacqueline Belfiore Favre6:22 PM

    Julie, I can't believe this, your cousin has a disability, how could he even be on probation etc.? He's in the wrong state, this is unjust treatment of an individual in their circumstances, jail for life? !

  6. Jacqueline Belfiore Favre6:23 PM

    BTW Ralph, loved it