Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Men's Retreat

This next weekend, June 3-5, I am the speaker for “An Astounding God Conference” Men's Retreat in Vancouver, Canada. Three churches are coming together for this event, and I am anticipating a terrific weekend.

This is a return trip for me since I was the speaker for a retreat in 2009 that was hosted by the same church. I can hardly wait.

For more information, contact Pastor Durwin Gray at Hillside Community Church.


  1. Debbie Rector9:02 AM

    You are Astounding Ralph!♥

  2. Thank you, Debbie!

  3. Julie Vaughn10:04 AM

    Ralph - this sounds so awesome! I imagine you are a captivating speaker. :)

  4. Kelly Atkinson Stull10:04 AM

    I agree with my friend Debbie.....YOU are astounding Ralph!

  5. Rudy A. Zacharias10:05 AM

    Ah, if it was a month or two later, I may have been able to come, as my wife and I will be in BC then. Oh well, have a great weekend conference!

  6. Doug Meeker10:05 AM

    So some people do invite you back...

  7. Jennifer Brem10:05 AM

    I wanna go.

  8. Julie--Thank you. Kelly--I sure enjoyed getting to know you and Todd! Emma--At least it's a short trip, right? Rudy--Drat! Doug--I know! Can you believe it? Jenn--I like you! But no, you cannot join us. Next time? Wait, no.

  9. Doug Meeker2:19 PM

    Seriously, they're in for a treat. I'd love to be there, too. Have a blast, Ralph!!

  10. Bart Breen2:19 PM

    I think it's your religious duty while there to try to attend a Stanley Cup Hockey game ......

  11. Lisa Szymanski Stinson2:20 PM

    Will be praying for you...just ordered a few more of God's Astounding Opinion of You...to give away.

  12. Bart--I think it's somebody's religious duty to TAKE me to a game. Amen?

    Lisa--Thank you. And thanks for telling me.