Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Review of My Book

Here's a recent review of my new book, published by Harvest House a couple of months ago.

Hmm. I think he might have liked it.’s-astounding-opinion-of-you-by-ralph-harris/


  1. Craig Snyder11:17 PM

    You could use it for a new chapter. I think he did like it, as did I.

  2. Scott Heine11:18 PM

    Well, of COURSE he liked it. Awesome book! (Just passed on another three copies to people we love this week. Eager for everyone to read it!)

  3. Sharon Stiles9:17 AM

    I was telling a friend yesterday about your book...when I mentioned the title her response was, "I think I need to read that book." She will be getting a copy from me Ralph. THANKS :)

  4. Sue Humphreys Thompson1:57 PM

    I have given this book to a lot of people. A LOT. (Notice, Ralph, I did not write "alot," and you're welcome for that.) It has made me labor to enter into the understanding that I can yield to the Spirit to find out what I'm supposed to think of myself.

  5. Steve Bradshaw10:29 AM

    Why wouldn't he like the book? Consider the author. During the ten years that I have known you I have seen you at your good times and at your not so good times. But through it all I have seen Christ in you. I think that comes out in the book.