Monday, May 23, 2011

True Labor

The primary struggle for the Christian is not one of finding their way through life but of entering and realizing His rest. (Hebrews 4:11)


  1. Chuck Otieno3:17 PM

    Ralph this is wonderful .You have spoken to my heart and spirit.Bless you so much .

  2. Martin Tusubira3:17 PM


  3. Jeff Budkoski4:10 PM

    Its funny, I heard someone say the other day that they couldn't wait until they got to heaven to rest... But isn't it incredible that he has that rest for us right here right now?

  4. Raymond Gray4:11 PM

    That's right. People pray and ask God to deal with the problems of the world but He gives us a peaceful, safe refuge to go to in spite of the world around us. A secret place like a cleft in a rock. like a child that has an imaginary kingdom to live in during tragic times but God's kingdom is a real but spiritual place for the souls of us who are born again in spirit to find rest and comfort. The more word we have in our heart, the greater the kingdom we have to live in.

  5. Murray Scott4:19 PM

    Exactly what the Lord has been ministering to me today, Ralph. I was going to be posting something about this to my wall but didn't yet. Maybe I won't now because it would be redundant. I had such a restful time wth Him this morning and such a tremendous day all day as a result.

  6. Great comments, guys! Thank you.

  7. Judy Hansen5:05 PM

    Wow, the same truth and study on 'rest' the Lord began teaching me @ 6 months ago and is continuing to expand the understanding. Lots of great verses - like Is. 30:15 "In returning (to me) and resting (in me) you shall be saved; in quietness and (trusting) confidence shall be your strength". We need to return to honoring the Sabbath (not just a Sabbath day or increment of time but also a Sabbath heart. After all, God Himself rested on the seventh day - and not because he was tired - but it was a day of reflection of what He had done! (And it was good!)
    In truly 'resting' in Him we can have the proper focus and refreshment we nee

  8. Rudy A. Zacharias10:31 PM

    As Ray Andrews says, the biggest struggle for the Christian is the struggle not to struggle.

  9. Peter Kirchev10:31 PM

    Very well said, Ralf!