Sunday, May 22, 2011

Resting With Him

Sometimes the best-meant teaching about what we're supposed to do in prayer and what's supposed to be accomplished actually cripples us. We're taught to approach the I AM in battle readiness and to make the crazy attempt to organize the universe on His behalf. He may indeed direct us toward some prayerful work with Him, He may share with us His thoughts and feelings about someone or something, as He did with Epaphras in Colossians 4:12-13.

But being with Him, being convinced by Him about Himself and about ourselves with Him is the highest accomplishment before any direction or sharing. Most of the time He convinces me that He has actually made and arranged the universe and planned out everything already so I needn't fret; in fact, He has made me. He convinces me of my fit with Him, which baptizes me anew in love and delivers me from fear.

How important is that?!

God re-takes the lead in prayer, which usually means that I have been seduced into a position in the world and in my daily doings that makes me the burden-bearer or the load-puller. I love having that exposed! It means I’m about to be delivered, revived and restored. Any direction or task that follows that finds me securely and delightfully yoked with Him. And that means I'm resting in Him.

For me, that's the best there is.

(This follows my post from Friday, “A Reviving Homecoming.”)


  1. André van der Merwe12:35 PM

    Love it Ralph! I've been led to write about this exact same thing - started writing a post on "Intercession and Fasting" last week, and how it's been turned into an ugly tactic to try and twist God's arm to do stuff.

    But this was a great note brother, really enjoyed it!

  2. Deanna Kalas Duncan12:36 PM

    Thank you, and Amen! :)

  3. Diane Doty12:36 PM

    AMEN. :-D

  4. André van der Merwe6:24 AM

    Yes I agree! Lots of stuff didn't make it through the cross, but the stuff that did mostly changed as well. Isa 58 isn't a fast for New Covenant believers, but fasting is a great tool to help renew your mind.

    I fast EVERY day for about 7-8 hrs, and in the morning I break-fast, lol...

  5. Julie Belshe6:25 AM

    Right on Ralph! Some of us were taught early in our walk with the Lord to pray until we feel something, and if we did not, our prayers did not reach Him, and that's just wrong! I love to pray all the time with Joy knowing he hears me with or without any feelings involved. Prayer is a constant conversation with Him, and I agree with you the heavy loads are his not mine. To be Delivered, Revived, and Restored living in this world today is a constant prayer of mine. And He is always faithful in doing that! And Resting in HIM is the best feeling ever! Agreed.

  6. Cliff Gableman6:25 AM

    I would encourage believers to practice fasting, I love the clarity I receive through it. It seems that the subject of fasting is kinda like tooth decay.

  7. Deanna Kalas Duncan6:26 AM

    I have never fasted. When you fast (Cliff or anybody), do you eat nothing and drink water? And does everybody's length of time fasting depend on the individual?

  8. Cliff Gableman6:26 AM

    Start slowly, some recommend checking with doctor first. I generally drink fluids..

  9. Deanna Kalas Duncan6:27 AM

    Thank you :)